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Creative Leadership is the leadership approach driven by people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk & many new start up owners which is looking to embrace change as a given while seeking opportunities all the time and everywhere. It is driven by passion, mission, courage, collaboration and creativity of contributors and embracing inclusive and purpose driven marketing approaches, going beyond the profit into the responsible for the community and planet operations.

Creative leadership builds desireable future by the frequent round of constant experimentation, failure tolerability for the sake of rapid learning, reduced execution times driven by group sprints and then skills AI will find it difficult to emulate like creativity, imagination, intuition, creative analyses, big vision, agility, participative value and diversity embracing  collaboration.

Helping in situations where big and bold creative breakthroughs are required, e.g.:

  • Helping companies either crack complex or tough problems OR develop something that never existed before
  • Reingage sales and marketing teams for performance by creatively enhancing competitivenss of their efforts
  • Helping companies understand compeitive strategies from another angle fast & resposition self fast
  • Task Force fast intervention as an answer to the marketing crises or sudeent opportunity which might be overwhelming


  • Design Thinking Sprints for competitive strategy finding
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Cross-functional Collaboration

Helping organizations to create high performing, highly engaged teams capable of innovation for hipercompetitivenes, BY establishing Creative Leadership competencies and models in place.

For who:

  • Medium to large companies
  • Departments e.g. marketing sales
  • Intradepartmental
  • Flat organizations

Typical Client’s challenges include:

  • Underperformance in tough environment where breakthroughs are constant and speed is a must
  • Disengaged teams of otherwise highperforming individuals
  • Teams of high performers in marketing, sales, PR lacking communications and operative models which fuel teamwork and high engagement, inspiration
  • 1ON1 mentoring and coaching & co-creation of your own environments
  • GROUP caoching programme
  • Talks and teachings

For who:

  • Middle Management in Marketing, Sales, PR
  • Specialists in corporate or agency world
  • Teams

Typical Client’s challenges include:

  • Adaptability to hipercompetition must be sped up
  • Finding solutions to tough problems
  • Revamping and modernizing organization and culture for everyday enhanced creawtivity, innovation and fast paced problem solving in creative ways.
  • Enhancing skills  – strategic and operational level for modern marketeers
  • Needing guided developmental breakthrough working on a specific project