Coaching is a guided discussion in which the Coach is using various methodologies to prompt you come up alone with your own solution to the dillema, challenge or problem you have. It is up to the expertize of the coach, their experience and skill to find the best possible way to motivate you, inspire and so the solutions come to you much easier than they would if you were thinking alone. In Curiousitivity Coaching I use creative tools and techniques as well as various methodologies I have learned throughout my career as a people developer and marketing strategiest. I also try to help you acquire a certain way of thinking which can hep you far beyond coaching sessions, along with pragmatic, down to earth tools.

One of my clients, Martina Werft, from Hamburg Germany said that withouth coaching i.e. doing it alone she would have:

“If I hadn’t gone to coaching, I would probably just quit or we would quarrel or I would even got really sick… in all combinations I would tear myself apart and probably degrade in this new job because I would think it was the result of my “inability” to do the job, not “their inability” to set processes, communication models set goals on a daily basis – in short, to manage how people belong. “

It is proven that people rarely listen to the advice of others. The only true committment comes when we come up alone with our idea. The reason for that is usually because our idea has a strong inner motive to execute it. I usually go to the coaches when I notice I have been pondering the same problem for a while with no clear solution or too many which all seam the same.

When starting a new business, which I did three times in my career I usually go to coaches with a certain expertize in the area I am interested in as then they can help me co-create my plans, strategies and provide sound feedback and point of view.  I like how coaching helps me move through complex, stressing things fast and in a fun way, so my progress is noticeable.

Consultant will take over your problem and responsibility and propose a solution. Therapist will be trying to figure out the reasons behind your problems and deal with emotional tensions driven by your past experiences. Coaching is neither. Coach, like in sport, is here to guide you out of the obstacles, but you have to do figure it out on your own. Supports and motivates and challenges you to not give in or quit the bad habits, inspires you but also gets you out of your comfort zone to achieve the things you did not think possible and immediately start doing actions in real world to make thing happen- whether resolve something or build something new.

I have been coaching, mentoring, leading people since 1993. My fist exposure to coaching was with the British Management in DHL, when I first finished the Management Centre Europe Coaching for Performance Course. Since then I trained for the group facilitator and have used the skills in the deployment of ISO 9000 Quality System across 3 countries. In The Coca-Cola Company I deepened the Coaching skills adding on other coaching models to GROW, like COACH and Agile. It helped me lead more than 20 teams, across 27 markets. My specialty and love is turning teams into high performing ones, while we are inspiring each other and enjoying the process as well as the high end result. For the past 10 years I worked as part of the Creative Task Force in the Coca-Cola Company working with Creative Agencies to deliver tough tasks in short periods of time with high stakes at risk. IT was crucial to keep them motivated, engaged and inpsired as well as protect them from the rest of the environment in order they could create freely.

At the moment I am a member of Association of International Coaches, with international Licence to operate under Jay Shetty Coaching School, my supervision being Nana Hovhannisyan. I entered yet another school as I have been mindblown with mindfulness approach to living and I absolutely find it crucial to add mindfulness to creativity in order to live a pleasant, fulfilling life and so Jay’s book, Think Like a Monk was a great support and motivator. Having worked in many corporate environments I found a lot of negative creativity there – creativity which takes up your 24 hours, creativity which creates non ethical things and moves, creativity which consumes you entirely due to single focus on result and ignoring of personal and team’s wellbeing. I would much rather like to see positive creativity at work and so my coaching is profiled towards building that kind of personal mastery with people.