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Hi, I’m Andrea

Marketing Strategist and Holistic Business Coach helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs as well as corporate people unstuck, find their energy and passion for work while solving some pretty difficult business/life issues they are faced with

  • 20 years passionate Marketer – Business Strategy & Creative Excellence for big global corporations
  • 3rd time Entrepreneur, having started my own Curiousitivity studio business, after having helped 2 friends grow their own ones
  • 7 years human & organization development consultant
  • An Artist in my heart, with high passion for DIY
  • 20 + years Life coach out of sheere love for fast progress with great coaches

    But here I want to share my real story with you:


andrea krkač
Andrea Krkač
andrea krkač
Other things I love:
Nature – mountains climbing
Dogs – Tinky & Buky & Cats – Mau
My garden
ARTS & Spirituality – painting
SHAOLIN MARTIAL ARTS – Kung Fu & Qi Gong training
More about my career & experience on

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The time has come I offer myself and people like me a new reality to our „more – faster – better“ working models and societies! They disconnect us from our souls and hearts.

Confuse mindless continuous activity 24/7 with bold, creative, right action;
Ignore our mental and physical health for the benefit of results, shareholders value and FOMO;
Spread fear instead of contageous inspiration and creativity, humans are born and gifted with.
By no means am I a guru or an extraordinary author of a unique method of anything. However, I have seen all sorts of unfullfilled, unhappy beautiful, talented people who on the outside appeared to have it all during  my 25 years  of corporate and entrepreneural career. I WAS one of them. And I did not like it! I thought there must be another way,  decided to find it. I learned and experimented relentlessly with myself, my work, bosses and teams I led. And now I know it does not have to be that way – there is another CREATIVE and MEANINGFUL way to work & live your life. I call it „Creative Breakthrough“ as it moves us from being un-inspired & disconnected to inspiration, drive and ideas. However, there is a larger field it leads to and that is contemporary „CREATIVE LEADERSHIP“, the pioneer of which is Sir Richard Branson whose true fan I remain to this day.
That is what Curiousitivity stands for – curios + creative + positive working & living with the meaning.


We are here to work creatively and meaningfully. To give our best at work, while enjoying it. To source balance, peace of mind and inspiration from our private lives that matter.
  1. Every person is creative.
  2. What we love is what we are good at.
  3. In times of uncertainty, creativity equals stress reductor by being source of joy, adaptability and innovative capability with – ease.
  4. Creativity stems from inner unique inspiration which is life energy stemming from deep meaning certain things have for certain people.
  5. Our soul and our identity is as unique as our finger prints. By honoring it’s desires we show greatest respect, self care and love for our own way of being.

AnDrea in Photos


I developed the „Creative Breakthrough model“ during my economics studies,

when I needed to resolve a super difficult situation in my private life. I disliked the faculty so much I was thinking I was going to drop out, but that was not an option. Being totally paralyzed and frustrated, I literally came up with the idea of how to get re-inspired. I took that idea which seemed completely impossible to execute, figured the very unlikely strategy, equipped myself with goals and tools how to make it happen. The result? Two years after, I finished the studies, achieved my dream and not only enjoyed my past two years of hard work, but actually ending up qualified and prepared to get one of the coolest jobs at that time around based on my preferences. Since then, I have been using it for 27 years in marketing and various walks of life – and it works, because of it’s simplicity.

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