Hello, Andrea here 🙂

I help female
to take
their business
to the next
level of


I work with entrepreneurs who got stuck & are not able
to grow out of stagnation or are even experiencing negative results.
Together we shall look at both YOU and Your business differently to spot opportunities for enjoyable,
creative growth so that you can create next level of results.
  • Identify the your real opportunities for growth (work & personal)
  • Devise your unique „business tool box“ to achieve results your way
  • Attract ideal clients (re-gain confidence in your skills & heart’s intuition)
  • Replace fear/worry with inspiration & rethink business on your superpowers

“What I know for sure is that if you do
work that you love, and the work fulfills you,
the rest will come.”


Any of these feel right?

If you are like me you started your work out of passion,
you wanted the freedom to do it your way and enjoy the income that comes with it.
But “life” got in the way, now you are doubting everything.

  • I need a plan for growth, but I don’t know where to start
  • I feel stressed out, stuck, work too much
  • I don’t enjoy my work anymore
  • I have an idea, but I am not sure how to make it work?
  • I don’t know where to even start
  • I don’t feel comfortable working with digital agencies, I don’t understand them and I don’t know how to lead them

If so – then I might be able to help 🙂

Here is how I can help:

I will work with you 1-on-1 in a 3 -month program to ensure you are FEELING the process is right for you and you enjoy it,
even when challenged to get out of comfort zone

Set the Inspirational Vision
for Change

Get back your inspiration and clarity of what was it you wanted to create. By going back to your roots when you were starting  the business, how you dreamed it to be, where you had to come from here, we look to uncover passion which made you take the risk but got lost along the way. We then look at why it got lost, how and when to be able to craft the new, modified vision for the future

Craft Your Unique Path & Address Pain Points

We need a good action plan, but… the one that will suit your personal, unique style, personality, and the way you naturally are the most creative usually. Why? Because only then will you think differently about your business, as you will love it, you will be able to differentiate and delight your clients on the way. We shall look at your offer, brand, how you do sales and marketing etc. and it all needs to suit you

Experiment, Learn &
Course Correct

Action precedes thinking. When we try things out, we get loads of information from the world around us which we can use to build better ideas, throw them out of the window, start again or simply pivot. Also, experimenting creates the feelings of curiosity, builds creativity and resilience to failure. Learning from own mistakes and laughing at it is true characteristic of the Creative Leader.

What is unique about my method?

My method inspires you to use both right & left side of the brain for business turnaround.
Creativity combined with analytical skills and knowledge allows us to think differently and leapfrog from difficult situations.

You are your business, and we must make you fall in love with it again. We shall work on
both growing your business & you, as the creator and leader of it.
It is same as when you fall in love with another person – you have more energy, nothing is difficult, you become creative, resourceful, and most importantly you are willing to take risks  & have fun 🙂

This is for you if you are:

  • Dynamic business owner who wants to level up
  • Believe you should be enjoying your work & getting results
  • Love taking on creative challenges
  • Are willing to take action to learn & work on both business & personal challenges to evolve

How do we know you moved to the next level business?

  1. You become calmer and easier on yourself
  2. Excitement is returning, anxiety subsides
  3. Creative possibilities start to emerge
  4. Actions that lead to business turnaround start to happen as well as „unexpected“ opportunities – we can measure growth in KPIs. You outgrow your limited thinking model about what you can do, how you can do it so that you can soar into creative and meaningful heights.

How does it work?

Once you book this 1:1 mentoring program, we are in this together in the form of co-creation of your fundamentals for growth.
My dedication is to your success and so in keeping  figuring out the best possible ways
to support you while dealing with your unique challenges until the creative breakthrough happens.  

What will you discover?

  1. Hidden glitches and gaps preventing you to get back in the flow of creation & how to overcome them.
  2. If you are challenging self to develop business of your dreams or selling yourself short
  3. Your own systems fitting like a glove to reach your goals with more clarity, ease and enjoyment
  4. New skills, tools, knowledge to level up (creative thinking & leadership, breakthrough method, sales and marketing, business strategy, planning, collaborations, personal mastery)
  5. How to minimize uncertainty and anxiety using creative thinking & how to feel you are making the right choices no matter what
  6. Creative hacks for overcoming procrastination, imposter syndrome, lack of discipline as well as simple, usable tools to do more with less
  7. That business strategizing is fun and super useful when using my “Creative Breakthrough” simple method
  8. What to focus on instead of results only, to reap bigger, better results while enjoying the process
  9. How your natural curiosity & intuition, combined with tools and knowledge can get you deeper insights about your industry to help you enhance and differentiate your offer fearlessly
  10. Something completely unexpected about yourself and your abilities. I will leave this one open & we’ll check after 3 months. 😊

What will you get?

  • 2h planning sprint/workshop per month (e.g. around the idea, concept or diagnostics – you choose how to use it)
  • 3 x 1h mentoring/coaching session (per month)
  • Limitless access to me via WHATSAPP, VOXER for Q&A
  • E-mail support – supervision or co-creation of the work you are developing
  • Curated Audio Video materials helping you to get new ideas, learning or case studies tailored to your problem that will add to your „toolbox “
  • Research and proposal of creatives and agencies (outside of my network) to support you, based on your needs.
  • Briefing, moderating or supervising  your work with agencies and creatives at a special rate.
  • Strategy or concept development.

And a bonus:

  • If something happens to block you during this 3 months time, an intervention outside regular plan (e.g., unplanned coaching, ideas, advice etc.) with the purpose to get you out of a glitch
  • „Trello“ use of Kanban to run a CB project together
  • „Fairy“ – your accountability buddy for a week *
  • „Monthly Idea Party“ – with other peer fairies to brainstorm ideas, exchange resources and help each other in general*

What will you have ACCESS to &
how I know I can do this?

20+ years of expertise in both entrepreneurial and corporate

  • strategic business development,
  • marketing,
  • brand management, copywriting,
  • presenting and creative industries,
  • People and organizational development (HR).

Where I have helped multiple business turnarounds, revamps and jumps from years of stagnation. And when I am coaching, I will be guiding you to access your own creative genius for your own visions, desires to surface so we can turn them into exciting plans so that within 3 months you can see and feel that turnaround has happened.

People don’t need the support all the time – but there are times when they need it the most to fly!
My promise is to support you to make the real results visible in your work out of these 12 weeks or 3 months,
or if that does not work – return your money!

What are my beliefs?

  1. Every person is creative.
  2. What we love is what we are good at.
  3. In times of uncertainty, creativity equals stress reductor by being source of joy, adaptability, and innovative capability with – ease.
  4. Creativity stems from inner unique inspiration which is life energy stemming from deep meaning certain things have for certain people.
  5. Our soul and our identity are as unique as our fingerprints. By honoring it’s desires we show greatest respect, self-care, and love for our own way of being.

What can you expect in terms of process?

  • ZOOM discussions sometimes using Mural or Whiteboard.
  • Honest feedback and big picture overview of how things are developing. Sometimes comforting, sometimes challenging your comfort zone for growth.
  • YOUR UNIQUE TOOLBOX. My job is to equip you with THE THINKING framework, creative tools, knowledge, structures to stay on track.
  • „YOUR BUSINESS LOVE COOKBOOK“ or better to say, homework – quite some. Action & experimenting make all the difference, not talking. Measuring progress.
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT & COURSE CORRECTING And you can expect me to jump in with pivoting creative support to keep you on track and inspired.
  • BALANCING YOUR WORK & PRIVATE EFFORTS FOR CHANGE. We are one person, we need to feel good and treat our bodies and mind as well as hearts well.

What are my clients saying …?

Andrea is like a lighthouse that helps you to navigate complex projects. Not only because she leads the way, but also because she’s a bright, optimistic light that makes people feel onboard and part of a consistent group.
She has a very creative approach to strategy which is always welcome when working on projects with many layers and profiles.”


“Mentoring with Andrea means for me support from an objective and neutral, yet expert person primarily businesswise and then personally because these two are intertwined and cannot be separated. For the first time in the past 4 years of my solopreneur career I am enjoying my work as we modified it to fully fit me. Results are super visible and measurable, even above my expectations!”

ana šenija testimonial
Ana ŠenijaSolopreneur BOUTIQUE for real estate, Croatia

“I came to Andrea after months of getting almost no clients and having worked with various marketing agencies who just took money from us, would not take any responsibility for creating business results and also not delivering any. She sat with us in a short workshop and we crafted a plan of action I felt made a lot of sense. In the months to come, we created really exciting, meaningful product and service ideas, and started developing it together. None of the agencies ever dared to do that, and it was the biggest missing piece in marketing our business. “

Martina GrahovacBoutique Hotel, Restaurant
& Delicacy Market


— CASE STUDY – GENTIS Dubravka Mirkovic
“Dubravka was an internationally acclaimed HR Manager for big corporations like DHL and Coca-Cola who decided to venture into her own business. The most difficult part was to decide what to focus on building the business. It took us both around 6 months of exploration and discussions after which we co-created the business plan with clear strategy and two breakthrough tactics which later proved to have gained majority of business in the coming 4 years, employing 4 more people and getting own training center. Gentis successfully survived the pandemics and operates to this day with amazing HR consultants.”


“Ex Client Services Director from Grey Worldwide Agency, decided to open her own boutique agency. Very well known for getting the clients, she lacked strategic conceptualizing capability, so I joined and for the first two months, we won 6 pitches, 6 big projects which allowed the agency to even do some breakthrough projects winning them awards and securing sustainable credibility in car industry over years during the time of economic crises. Knowing the client so well + strategy + amazing the client with stories of solutions not just technical details – always works well.”


— BOUTIQUE for real estate
“Ana has been a solopreneur for 3 years after she left a big corporate real estate agency, where she reached the level of the top-level real estate consultant. She came in the state of deep “freeze”, creative block, feeling very insecure in her decision to become an entrepreneur and wanting to switch career, but was not sure what to. We first worked on understanding the root causes of her problem regarding her work and how this misalignment happened and in parallel on the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors hindering her growth. After we set some ground for the inflow of positive habits, we moved to bring in the inspiration to her private life. She was very determined to make it work and slowly, but surely turnaround her business. She says that for the first time in her life she is enjoying it tremendously, feels good about the steps she is making and actually in first two quarters overdelivered her last year’s sales..”

By the end of 3 months, you will have regained your creative mojo, built your unique “business emergency kit”
take steps to shift negative results into positive & fall in love with your business again.

Take  the 1st step now – talk to me & get some first hand advice fast.