It does not have to be tough all the time

There is this rule of leverage I love. I don’t use it all the time though, simply because I am not that high level yet. It says the following. If you want to move the ship and not know where to push, you could use 100 people and still not move it far away. But if you knew where that 1 tiny spot was where to press, with the lever long enough,  you would do it singlehandedly. What’s that got to do with everyday life?

I ‘ve been struggling with the idea of “you have to get the clients”, “ how will you sell your services to them”… I have always had very bad perception of selling and really ran away from all the situations involving it. My stomach would shrink to the size of the walnut, I would feel anxiety creeping in and my thoughts were like selling is really aggressive, pushing people to do something they don’t necessarily need or want and on and on it went.

So I chose to look at my thoughts and apply some Budhist thinking. Instead of having the starting point of what can I get from those people, as sales usually thinks I asked my self Well what can you give your Clients that they would love? How could they benefit from interacting with me from the very first moment?

Just these 2 tiny questions and the whole milky way of possibilities, creative excitement exploded in front of me and inspiration went through the roof. Instead of being paralyzed, avoiding the whole issue I jumped head first into it and developed a completely new workshop concept, design and a brochure, started reaching out to friends for help with showcasing my work to people who would benefit and they know them, changed the approach in my texts writing into much more loving and inspired, the way I actually now felt. Just a little twist in the questions and it has changed my entire work approach. Magic does take sometimes very little!

What questions can you reframe today to get your juices going instead of being in the negative? 🙂

Here are some magical ones:
What is my medicine for those hurting ones?
If I were that stressed as my Boss, what would I really enjoy now the most coming from my co-workers?
How about I go helping someone who is more in need than myself in order to stop whining how hard I work?

Etc. Etc. Etc.