Structure – having it or not?

I used to be rooting heavily for not having structure for my personal life for years. I used to say I had already too much structure in the work life, I would really go crazy at the thought of planning ahead my free time and putting any sort of structure there.

Until I relized that I will never accomplish any life transformation unless I put as much, or more, focus, discipline and energy into solid other than work structure.

And so I did and came to value that skill a lot.

Structure is important as it provides stability, as my Qi Gong Shifu, Shi Heng Yi would say. If your structure of the day, is week, like the structure of the week building, it will crumble and you will always stay where you are. This is precisely what has happened to me the other day, Monday. I came from the mountain trip late, did not plan the Monday. One phone call, another one, emails etc. I could not get hold of my day. It started crumbling and sipping through my fingers. Some inspiration distracted me from what was priority. I felt chaos creeping in and starting to really frustrate me.

I felt as if my day ran through my fingers, I had no clue what I had accomplished even though I worked hard nor if I had time to properly enjoy it. Big blurr.

So yes, I forgot to create my little structure which gives me birds eye view on the day, on what’s important to focus on for how long and why that and not something else, like scrolling social media.

I went back and redid my structure for Tuesday. Super simple Kanban – To do – Doing – Done. With cute little time slots assigned.

 So now peace is back and enjoyment. We learn and forget, but that’s OK as life keeps reminding us.

In which area of your life can you improve the structure today?